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One of our products of excellence is the "honey of barriques of Bolgheri ", of which we started production almost casually. In 2015, a bee swarm settled inside a barrique, so Matteo began to take care of himself and care about this strange unknown world every day. He studied unique and alternative methods that would allow them to stick to their way of life and not reverse; In order to achieve this result, little more than a year has passed since studies and experiments. Processing does not involve the use of fumes and other invasive systems, and honey extraction from honeycomb is done manually, squeezing each honeycomb so that the bees must be reconstructed once, for this reason the production of barriques is less than about 80% compared to a traditional arched. This guarantees a constant wax replacement that favors perfumes and flavors mixed together with the barrique oak that until recently hosted the wine.
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